15 OctNo Nonsense Muscle Building

Weight loss is the number one priority for anyone wanting to get fit. Right? Wrong! If at all there is a universal myth about fitness, it is this. For some people though building the muscle mass comes first. Are you one of those with a bony lanky frame that refuses to fill out with muscle and sinew try as you might? Well, I am not going to tell you what you are doing wrong. Instead I am going to tell you how I triumphed over a similar quandary.

Well, I was what you would call a skinny fellow; as gangly and gaunt as they come. Having tried everything from fad diets, pills, exhausting workouts, my body, like a disobedient child, stayed put. I was at my wits end. Sounds familiar? Well, then I figured if I wanted something I never had, I must try doing something that I had never done before. But what? Then, as I plowed through a particularly tiring aerobics routine, I noticed this guy in the class; he had gone from being the most gauche guy to Mr. Cool Dude. I was flabbergasted, and mustered enough courage to approach him and learn how this miracle happened; what was his mysterious secret?

Turns out he followed this amazing program No Nonsense Muscle Building, and he was raving about it like no tomorrow. Apparently this is a unique plan that gets you that enviable’ fitness model’ physique, with lasting effects too. No kidding! Usually I am wary of fitness books but this one came highly recommended I could see. My curiosity got the better of me and I purchased No Nonsense Muscle Building online.

Well, was I glad I did! Compiled by Vince Delmonte, this is one of those rare volumes that get right to the point. I could see that Vince meant business. Within the first few pages, he had all but entrenched a basic fact of getting fit – get moving! He minces no words in saying that procrastination is your worst enemy in reaching your goal, and sloth is to be dealt with an iron hand. Okay, let’s say bad genetics and a naturally low-metabolism don’t help, but in most cases, Vince points out quite rightly, people fail to succeed in building muscle because they don’t know how. And then he goes for the kill!

I can see you are a little impatient then; ok already so what’s the miracle formula for muscle gain anyway?! Wait up I was coming to that! For starters, the book emphasizes on areas that most other such programs never reveal to you. These include super-effective training techniques such as endurance and flexibility training, as well as maintenance of muscular balance. In addition, No Nonsense Muscle Building handles muscle building taking an athletic approach giving due importance to individual strength and endurance as well as ensuring that muscle reflexes are not ignored.

The program is truly a no-nonsense approach to building muscle mass; Vince basically divulges truly productive guidance, not the usual crummy advice that abound on the web. You won’t find suggestions of typical food supplements or steroids here; the best way to build brawn, the author guarantees, is to get strong by guided training and a sensible nutritional game plan. No Nonsense Muscle Building even goes to the extent of providing very detailed meal plans, calorie calculators and tips to track food intake. Although muscle building means having to consume more calories, these must be the right kind; the book teaches you what are the right foods, suggests innovative meal ideas and even includes grocery lists to take along as you plan a meal!

No Nonsense Muscle Building also touches upon a unique approach of manipulating and maximizing the potential of your hormones for optimal muscle building and losing the blubber. Another exclusive strategy that Vince suggests is ‘periodization’, a technique quite different from the other intensity training methods. The focus here is on not letting the body to acclimatize to intense workouts. This means incorporating variation in exercise sets and reps; for instance, if you cycle some distance today, keep varying the intensity, distance or time. This impedes adaptation and also stimulates different muscle groups. Also the program comes with something like an electronic calendar, which helps track your progress, and also identify whether particular exercises are working for you. This means that you vary the training methodology depending on how your body is responding to the program; a very personalized approach I must say. You can also catch some private support and coaching from the author via email.

Now if that is not a step-by-step guided tour of muscle building then I don’t know what is – a true no-nonsense move toward witnessing amazing muscle growth!

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